Exhibition Toys Riyadh معرض الرياض لألعاب الأطفال

Riyadh International Exhibition of Children's Toys معرض الرياض العالمي لألعاب الأطفال


About Us

We proudly present to you the Riyadh International Exhibition for Children's Toys, which is the most distinguished event in its field in the Arab world and the Middle East, which will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, defining the capital, Riyadh. On the level of content of happiness, in addition to the increase in individual consumption, the exhibition is held in cooperation with the most prominent international fairs, including games com games, Spielwarenmesse Nuremberg, and New York toys association of New York. It is considered the most attractive summer station in the Riyadh investment summer and is considered a favorable opportunity to reconsider the values ​​of the electronic games and other contents industry. It will be held between March 1 to March 5, 2023. The exhibition is held according to the B2B mutual investment base between the largest manufacturers and owners of major brands and in the presence of global leaders in entrepreneurship in this field, and includes The exhibition is the founding session, and it includes many seminars, workshops and parallel paragraphs aimed at instilling a culture of making children's toys with different contents that respond to our principles and move away from the culture of violence and cruelty. Welcome to your exhibition.


Reaching the International Exhibition of Children's Toys to the ranks of the major international exhibitions specialized in children's toys at the level of quality of organization and the size and type of international participation.


Our Message

Spreading the culture of the children’s toys industry with noble values and transforming the culture of toys from violence to peace, love and participation so that Riyadh will be a famous capital of entertainment that takes care of children during the summer







 معرض الرياض العالمي لألعاب الاطفال
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